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Green Oak was started in 1978 by Steve & the late  and beloved Ann Furnivall. They wanted to be the place other dealers came for their antiques.  Over the years, Green Oak expanded and changed to fit the current design trends.  Today, Green Oak is over 10,000 sq feet under roof and additional outside selling space for garden iron and the "junk garden". 

The mantle of leadership has been passed to their son, Jon, and his wife Terri.  Jon and Terri look to the past as they prepare for the future.  Green Oak is a place where we can help make your house a home. 
 Left: Jon and Terri with their four sons.  Matthew, Joshua, Noah, and Timothy.  They have all been involved with Green Oak during their growing up years.

Jon has been a part of Green Oak since it was started in 1978.  Jon left for a few years while he served in the US Navy, but Green Oak never left him!  Jon is the buyer for the antiques and works with our carpenters for our beautiful Green Oak Furniture.

Terri joined Green Oak full time when their youngest went to school.  Terri enjoys ordering the new home decor and helping customers.
Fred, is on the left. Fred is our salesman and manager.  Fred is responsible for displays and can assist with your furniture needs.

Lindsey is on the right.  She works at the counter, displays, and helps keep the store in order.

On the left we have: Frankie (l), Lisa (middle)and Rob (r).  They work with Jon on the prep work for the furniture, help move furniture in the store, and load for customers.

On the right, we have Patton (l) and Keean (r).  They both work in the back prepping furniture, distressing furniture, and loading customers. Keean also helps out at the counter when an extra hand is needed.

Ed & Amy, are pictured on the right. Ed works in the back and Amy works up front doing displays and assisting customers.
Always and forever a part of the
Green Oak Family. 

Carol (l), Wade (below) & Lana (r) will be cherished by all who worked with them.

Green Oak Antiques
3024 S 425 E, Rochester IN 46975
Phone: (574)223-5702  Fax: (574) 223-4186

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